Wednesday, January 4, 2012



The definition of a priestess is a woman who presides over religious rituals, administering rites
and doing healing work.

Over the last week the natural-edge deerskin pattern I had cut out months ago began to take shape:
I wanted it to be for a woman who understand the wildness of life and the holiness
of death
of cycles
and rebirths
and soul.

I want the woman who carries this to be brave as much about the waning of what
we love as she is when something gorgeous begins.

Over the last few days I have felt the soft breath of one I hold so dear as he journeys so bravely in my arms
and sometimes simultaneously I have been given a good swift roll or kick by this LIFE that
pulses inside of my womb.

My GOD, is there anything more meaningful than this place?

So while I've waited for news
and while I've watched over the sleeping form of our little beloved and his amazing
nursemaid Janey (by his side in the most awesome, powerful way)

I have tooled.
I have hammer riveted, opting out of the press I normally use: I wanted everything in here, everything about this holy time in a piece to have come not from a simple movement of a well-greased handle, but from my shoulder.

The making of this bag was both my escape and my eventual immersion into the
deep -
"I know," I said, "I'll make a bag!" A big project means the mind gets to focus on other things than the emotions, there are so many moving parts and everything requires such careful measurement
and singlemindedness...

but as the hammer fell and the shears snipped and the radio remained uncharacteristically silent
I did think...I thought a lot.

I remembered and fought acceptance
laughed and ached
found the space in between thoughts and rested there for wonderful spells...

I thought of the woman who would carry this
wished it was me (a craftswoman always knows when it's hers)
and prayed.

Every night my studio, once closed to the cats gets opened and this sweet boy gets
helped into my big chair

and given lots of pets.

The work has been put away, the dinner dishes have been washed
and we sit together for a few hours
together in the lamplight.

A Holy ritual, really.

With Love,


WillowMetals said...

The Bag...Amazing....Jones...Amazing....You...Amazing....


MrsLittleJeans said...

O Allison...I think of you a lot...and I am amazed at how you expressed all of this in your art...xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you so much, Mona and Heather: this is the richest time in all ways good and bad - reading your words gives me lots of strength and helps me feel the nearness of faraway friends - again, thank you.


Heidi said...

this is really lovely, all of it; your words, your work, your sentiments. You are handling this difficult time with such grace and beauty... inspiring.

Sybil Ann said...

I wish it were mine too! Very much love to all. XO

Lindsey said...

WOW! Totally amazing work!
Ps. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. My prayers go out to you and him.

InkyTonka said...

The bag is a beautiful and heart-rending expression of love and loss - lucky is the woman who will one day call it her own!
Jones is very obviously a handsome cat who KNOWS he is cherished. Please give him a soft stroke from me, and know that your family is in my thoughts at this time. xoxo


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Michelle, Sybil, Lindsey, Heidi,
thank you, (And then some)
my dear ladies


DalaHorse said...

Gorgeousness to you Allison....thanks for the beauty in so many ways!

mairedodd said...

that bag resonates through the screen - i can only imagine it in person... one of the beautiful parts of profound emotion (coupled with being able to create) is that it can become something bigger and touch someone else deeply... this is magical work allison - truly...

Dave said...

Today I was sing your praises to a young inspired singer.... you are an angel... Jones blessed your life, I remember the kitten pictures. He'll be with you forever... and not just a distant memory when your little one is crawling everywhere.



p.s... yes your only male blog reader still exists.

UmberDove said...


In a multitude of ways.
loves - K


WOW...That is beyond beautiful! I just got a deerskin (very beautiful bag)for X-mas but yours is off the hook amazing!! Love all that u do, truly an inspiration to me!

Cat said...


Love and Light

Taddyporter said...

This is a medicine bag for sure. It is going to a lovely woman I can tell!

You are a brave and shining light even as darkness is falling. XO,M

Gemheaven said...


Nancy*McKay said...

your strength, talent & clarity, especially at times like these, are soothing, admirable & are so beautiful & so close to my heart...XO

Puck's Mom said...

How poignant that the impending failure of sweet Jones' heart should inspire the creative spirit in yours. That our capacity for love can expand proportionately to the suffering of those we cherish always amazes me.

And Jones knows he is cherished :)