Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Carry You in My Heart


Yes, you are gone.
Perhaps you moved to Paris with the job that we both agreed you could not pass up
or maybe you've crossed a river mythic and entered a land of mystery where we will someday
run to each other
as though not a day has passed...

Certain as the sun will rise I ache your absence
and receive you in dreams
that make waking feel like a task...

Yes, you are gone

But I carry you in my heart.

The ghost of you
The life of you
The wonder of our time together
in all its beauty, mundane and special...

I could either announce my love for you to the world
or keep it secret and silent in my heart
like a special stone
tucked in my pocket
on whose surface I run my finger over and over
until there is a groove
like 1,00 years of wild wind over the hills of Marin...

For some reason it appeals to me more,
that gentle confidence of loving you
like a confession only I can hear

A prayer
That things eternal now rest in His palm
as safe and loved as when they touched mine.


This bag is a lightweight one,
with a very long (42 inch) strap for cross-body carrying.
It is meant for someone who understands.

Inquiries welcome



Amy Nicole said...

What a beautiful symbolic piece. Absolutely stunning!

Sybil Ann said...

This is exquisite Allison. The piece and the love behind and within it.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Amy, thank you so much.
I've thought about you a lot after reading your words on Flickr... thank you for those.

Dave said...

You line your craft with words and feelings from the heart... making precious pieces that I wonder how you can part with...

Cat said...

your words are like the breathe on a winters morning

your work is like the lava of the, gorgeous, mesmerizing

love and light

Puck's Mom said...

Just beautiful, Allison! Both the words and the work.

thewindhover said...

Exquisitely beautiful and soulful, like your good self.

MJ said...

So lovely, the words and your work..

UmberDove said...

this almost pains me it's so potent.

Brandi said...

I love the raw edges. Quite lovely.

nova by tess said...

You shine from within my dear. It's such an honor to see the magical things born from your hands and heart.