Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trio of Duos

In the


My sister is coming into town tomorrow and so I am off to prepare the house
to her specifications (none, but I love to fuss)
and count the seconds until I squeeze her.

There will be shopping
perhaps a high-fashion photo shoot
and more love than I can even prepare myself for!

Until next week,


Anonymous said...

Some sister-time sounds just right for you about now. Have lots of fun.

In re your last post: I know how hard it is. Things will improve, slowly.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Sister time is the best time..enjoy! And those earrings are beautiful! xx

Sandra Dunn said...

Have fun!

Cat said...

have a wonderful love filled weekend!!!

Love and Light

MJ said...

Catching up on your creative goodness. Wow, I must say, leather, metal and stone bend to your creative will beautifully well :). I am wearing your earrings today. You and many others in these spaces have spoiled me I'm afraid...Handmade only I and forever.