Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swooping in to Make Things Sweet

My sister-friend Terra flew in to see us this weekend before embarking
on her whirlwind tour of Europe,
and she brought her little Elliott Osito.

Together they've filled our house with much-needed laughter, joy

and near-painful cuteness.

We are so lucky to have a friend (two, if you count the pom love!)
like this who hops a jet just to spend some time.

I hope your weekend is treating you gently
in all ways.

I have new work to share with you this coming week,
mandalas and constellation
work in leather and suede.

With love,


Katie said...

Oh he is so precious!

I'm late with this, however, I am sorry to hear about your kitty. Hugs to you.

I received my mandala in the mail (Friday I think) and love it so much! Even more beautiful in person. Can't wait to see what else you produce this year.

Sybil Ann said...

Smiles for you and yours. XO

Cat said...


Love and Light Sweet One