Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Omigod, I saw pictures of this stone and thought it would make the most amazing jewelry. I have finally found my concept: bezel-set stones with phrases wrapped around the silver outer edge of the piece.
For instance: these are wild horse magnesite stones ( one is going to my dear friend The Plume, and should she be reading this the surprise is surely done for ) and one Turquoise stone that I am in love with. For the first wild horse magnesite that I will be setting, the words "Run Free on Sure Feet" will circle the stone.
I am positively over-caffeinated with delight and expectation that when my 1/16 inch steel alphabet stamps arrive I will get to work madly with a very holy passion.
My list of custom orders with the leather goodies overfloweth, so I must stop writing and tool like the wiiiiind!!!

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