Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Under a Watchful Eye

Janey was not the least bit bothered by the quake once it was over.
Jones was incredibly distrustful of the floor and kept making eyes at the bed like it was the source of evil.
I have been nervous and uncomfy ever since it happened.
I had a panic attack. I think it's time for some re-examination of the stark and profoundly moving idea that we are beloved grains of sand. I am an East Coast girl and I do not want to go via some pancaked building in an event that makes your heart beat like an overcharged drum machine -- I used to call my mom and say, "Wee! We had an earthquake just now -- how refreshing!" but today having heard the water sloshing in my toilets while I stood alone in my hallway without the benefit of company to make me laugh or to cling to, holding out an arm on each wall to steady myself I can safely say I've had enough.
The solace for my nerves has been my tools.
I am and have been working on a custom order that is such a lovely idea and so much fun to work on.

As I write Jones is looking at me like this:

Sleeping with one eye open. I love him so. Love my family so. Feel strangely frightened now that the "in a split second" everyone who faces tragedy has described is not so far away and that truly living for this moment is all we can do. I for one am going to eat Citron Tilapia and then go out and see the world.
Sorry so grim, I am just (literally ) shaken :)


Katherine said...

I totally panicked, too. Juliette was sleeping in the pack-n-play at church, and I snatched her out and hovered in the doorway until it was over. I of course woke her up so she was crying the whole time. It was so frightening. I'm glad you're all okay, too.

The Noisy Plume: said...

...but not stirred:)