Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh, this pink tone just breaks my heart into a million happy pieces. You see, when I was little I was obsessed with color: I would dream of having shirts in all different colors, layered on top of each other in an endless dream of yellows, pinks and corals.... I would go into a fabric store and purchase every color thread I could given the money I had saved up and how much my mother was willing to get for me. I would make string bracelets, as was the fashion, but mostly I would lay them in piles and stare at them, rearranging them every few minutes.
It was a magical time in my life.
Now I get to combine colors at will, and trust me when I say it brings me more joy than it should by all normal standards.
The green turquoise? I swear it glows in the dark, so luminous and clear is its depth of color.
I have to go get a dustpan to sweep up my little powdered heart!

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