Thursday, July 17, 2008

So In Love

.....I have discovered that taking silver balls and combining them with hammered indentation with my dapping set makes a sentence out of silver -- a thought that peters out with the last tiny circle...
I cannot believe I made this necklace today, after days of frustrated soldering that ended in abject failure -- I went on website after website to ( Ganoskin is amazing! ) to decipher the problem, and it's just simply cleaning everything and pickling and not getting lazy.
From my very first necklace, made in a six week class that frustrated me to no end, I have been in love with silver balls, in love with the idea of attaching them to metal. Here is that necklace:

And here is my latest creation, a bohemoth piece of complex turquoise rich in matrix and depth of color:

I feel like I worked hard today: lemonade and good book later this evening hard. For now it's off to the pilates studio to see my dear friends and, if you can call it that :)


Anonymous said...

its GANOKSIN ;_)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

ha haaaaa!! I kinda like my version better, sounds a little naughty!!!