Thursday, July 24, 2008

Found It

It started with my bags, tooling phrases on the part that gets held against the wearer's human form: hand, side, hip, rib..... a blessing, words of comfort - private if wished to be, but also easily shared by a quick turn of the arm:
"Grow Love"
"May the Bluebird of Happiness Sing in Your Heart"
"May Joy Bloom in Your Heart"

I figured; I do this all the time in traffic and in public: as I pass the cars going in the opposite direction I open my heart and wish them well wherever they are going- ( Note to self: learn to do the same thing to people who cut you off.)- why wouldn't I make my feelings concrete and tangible? Hence the tooling.

It will now extend into metals and stones, beginning with this first necklace:
"All Love Surround You"
It was previously shiny and bare and desperately missing something needed: it feels so complete now.

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