Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tiger Lily Belt Part Deux

The two sides have become one :)

In other news, I napped today, which I rarely if ever do. This week has been teary and weird for me, and resting in midday with Jones in the curl between my knees and stomach ( I am a side sleeper, proudly ) refilled so many empty wells. Sometimes rest is the greatest healer we can know.
Anthony and I have planned our little ten day trip to Hawaii and are renting the most dreamy cottages, one steps from Anini Beach and the other right near the River ( both on Kauai ). We are so excited and so lucky to have this getaway at the end of October. My mind is on the dreaminess of hot outdoor showers and a kayak to call our very own for five days. Pinch us!!

And this is why I can never do anything elegant after I antique leather: ( my fingertips are so very brown, though you cannot really tell! )

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