Saturday, July 19, 2008

Phase Two, Peacock Feather Bag

Would you believe I spent twelve hours on this bag yesterday and will likely do the same today?
Well, I cannot tell a lie: when the pieces are all cut out and everything is being tooled I get swept up in a storm of creativity and joy I can only describe as inescapable: it takes me over. It's no wonder I often find that first day of frenzy to be the day I have off from everything else in my life: Friday.
Add those hours to the hours spend cutting and stitching and you have a rather epic journey for a bag. And the high amount of hours ( plus the massive amount of leather used: 20 inches by 20 inches, my goodness!!!! ) will yield a higher price tag, which always breaks my heart as I want everyone to be able to afford the things I make.
This bag is lined in the loveliest pigskin -- aqua on top and then a gorgeous floral on the inside: the joining with the outside of the bag makes for a puckered look where they all come together that I LOVE. Kind of like frills, but secret as only the carrier of the bag will ever see them. Hundreds of rivets hold everything together and the lining and distressed Italian leather bottom have been hand-stitched using triple ply waxed thread, the thread that holds up for lifetimes.
This bag will have an endless lifespan if cared for well, which means: oiled once a year and kept out of prolonged sunshine ( not obsessively, just as you would a good camera ) and kept out of rain: rain is the enemy of leather tooling.

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