Monday, July 14, 2008

Moola Moola Sisters

Once upon a time in suburban Pittsburgh, two little girls with spacious summers ahead of them stripped down to their underoos and jumped from twin bed to twin bed in the taller one's brothers' room and declared themselves the Moola Moola Sisters, superheroes capable of fighting any evil, but mainly just jumping from bed to bed endlessly until boredom or dinner, whichever came first.
In ensuing years they developed a language of their own involving zebus and strange cow noises, discovered baby birds that didn't make it and found their way through teenage heartbreak with the taller one being sent in to buy cigarettes in hopes that she would believeably be found them seeing each other far too seldom and then, after a vicious breakup that sent the shorter one back home from NYC to live with her parents, the tall Moola Moola invited the other to live with her; "come back to NYC: we'll do this together", she said.
And so they did. Adventures ensued. As did more heartbreak, and they weathered it all as sisters do.
Five years passed and the girls, who have now officially entered woman-territory, meet up again in L.A. before the marriage of the shorter one and still, after twenty-three years of knowing each other and growing their lives into maturity, they once again became the mugging, hammy Sisters of their youth.
Here is the evidence:

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