Monday, July 21, 2008

Learning to Photograph Metal and Stone

I retook the pictures for the Turquoise necklace in my Metal Shop ( ) this morning -- I discovered that the most gorgeous prop in the world is the crown from the victorian bed my parents gave Anthony and I --

you see, my parents have long slept separately as my father tosses and turns and hits and kicks and snores like a banshee in his sleep, so when we had the big house they had one bedroom with two beds.

Now that there is a small house they gave one bed to us, and sice we live where the earth moves I decided the crown might be best on our mantle, as it is sharp and spiny and should we quake at night I'd hate to have my ears pierced three times instead of twice.
Behold the power of hundred and 40 year-old wood!! It's like a before and after for our dear Lichen Necklace :)



Anonymous said...

Such a lovely piece of turquoise--and it does look great against that dark wood.

radcow said...

oooh yeah it looks so nice against the wood. It almost looks like tooled leather! nice work!