Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Oh, dear.
The studio is in more than minor dissaray, and shall be so for more than a month: we are mixing the album by night,
and I am tooling by day. Anthony is building a gorgeous model plane. We are multi-tasking our asses off!
I am also in the process of trying to find an oxygen tank refill location and a propane refill location in Los Angeles: don't be shy if you know of something. I shall not silversmith until then, so my heart is a wee bit heavy.
I don't work well unless order is consistent, and this is an excellent chance to really dig in to the heart of it all: to be productive and adventurous when things don't feel completely grounded around me.
I shall rise to the challenge with minimal tears and maximum joy.
Isn't it fortuitous that I have a little plaque in the middle of my bench reminding me to breathe?

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