Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And I Me Wed, Too

My left hand shines with a thousand suns: the ring on it is stunning and opulent, a strong indicator of the shining love I share with the man I love. Opals set in gold and 2 carats of gleam and fire on top.

My right hand is now complete, too - it's the hand that is less delicate and flowery, more fiery and bold - the two parts of self combined as easily as the clasping of left and right. Together, we are one.
As I journey into this marriage this weekend I never want to forget to bring my whole self into loving Anthony - and that means that I must stay whole. Full of life and chalk full of experiences to bring to the table we share.
That is why I made myself two rings for my right hand, to remind myself always to be whole first that I may be a better love not only for that tall drink of blonde water, but that I may also love myself for better or for worse: all the flaws and foibles, all the curves and shaded parts.

With my right hand I thee pledge to be kind and gentle with you, self.
To be loving and accepting without being indulgent of things I know I can improve upon.
To continue to see the wonders and mysteries of life side by side with my magnificent Schmilly, two whole people who are deeply in love with the other.

I am always hoping that my pieces might bring joy into the lives of those who own them, but I have been hesitant to make myself things up until the turquoise ring last week, so I spoiled myself as a lover would by setting an insanely large and valuable boulder opal in a sea of stars and constellations using a lovely deco-style sterling strip as the ring band.
Because I am worth this kind of kindness.
Because I me wed, too.


Angela said...

Big, best wishes for an amazing wedding weekend and an even more amazing marriage!

Ann from Montana said...

Tears of joy for you, for your wisdom, for your husband to be and for your marriage!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Angela and Ann, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart :)

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely, lovely wedding!

P.S. Great rings, especially the opal.

james! said...

best wishes, lovely lady, for all success and joy in everything. your blog post was so moving.