Thursday, October 30, 2008

Opening and Rewrapping and reopening...

Today was an unphotographable day: Anthony and I went kayaking for five miles up the river in our front yard ( literally ) and we couldn't trust that our coveted Nikon D60 would survive the water we dump on ourselves with our un-suave rowing 'techniques'.
Suffice it to say it was beautiful.
I keep re-living the moments of breeze and shade just as I have been unwrapping and re-wrapping my beautiful gems: each reexamination provides some other detail I had almost forgotten: so THIS is what happens when something is unphotographable - you capture it differently.
Tonight I bought gifts for the women in my life from a store that supported local artisans: I finally found pieces that captured what Kauai has been to me so that I could pass some of it on to them in meaningful ways they'd understand. I ache to put up pictures of what I got them, but it'll have to wait until after they are received.
After a second dinner at The Blossoming Lotus, an out-of-this-world vegetarian and mostly Live restaurant I am sleepy from the daily exertions and excited to see Akua tomorrow night when we snorkel on Anini Beach.
Here is a close-up of his dear, dear face. No animal outside of the ones who have graced mine or my parents' homes has ever meant quite what this old gentleman means to me. I cannot explain it: I will just let the mystery of these strong feelings live on.

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Ann from Montana said...

Reading your words, seeing your photos, just "listening" - a peaceful, serene, breath of fresh air...even the "sadness" moments.

The fabrics are beautiful!

Animals and our connection with them are a wonderful mystery. I so enjoy that you don't feel the need to solve every mystery - whether it be that connection or something else...all in it's proper time.

Happy honeymoon!