Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treasures from Hawaii

Kauai itself is a treasure, so the fact that I found amazing things that I can TAKE with me is just unreal.
To feel embraced and healed by a place is so spectacular, and now I will knit the fabric ( literally ) and gems I was blessed to find into my jewelry and leathercraft. The coral I found will remain unphotographed: I will be making glorious little necklaces out of it and I want it to be a surprise until then.
First up: Gloriously thick cotton fabric which will line the little pouches I will be making when I get home.

A gemmy and deep piece of Chrysocolla, the nicest I have ever seen. These stones were all very pricey, which means the pieces they go into will be luxe deluxe. I cannot wait!!!

Cuprite in the most unreal shade of crimson, with bits of Chrysocolla in it:


Fossilized Coral:

And... a little something for me that I found in a store called "Antiques and Assorted Junque" where the cheekiest southern dame and I had amazing conversations over my purchases ( and my self-wedding ring whose opal she coveted ) - this is black coral, made in the fifties before it was illegal to use - a little whale with an inlaid eye which I strung on my grandma's shuffleboard championship necklace until I can put it on something delicious once I get home.

The most amazing thing in my whole collection of beauty is that I get to spread the spirit of 'aloha' to my dearest friends and beloved customers: this is true happiness, when an amazing experience spreads in circles, ever-widening and pure.

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