Sunday, October 5, 2008

Busy Bee

Today has found me silversmithing like the wind. I have enjoyed every problem, every new solution and all the in between.
Anthony is approaching his new job search with such an admirable and down right sexy spirit: I am so excited that his approach to life is so measured and steady: both of us would be crazy if he were like myself :)

There are a few delightful items for sale in the Leather Shop, both involving koi , but the big sale is over and this week will find me tooling away to finish custom orders in time for the wedding festivities the week after.

In spite of, or maybe even because of the changes I feel invigorated and alive:

My dear friend The Plume said ( in so many words ) that now is the time to find the place my heart belongs, and it's really interesting knowing that some of our options are outside of Los Angeles: Austin sounds really, really good to my heart.

We'll all figure it out, my sexy job-seeker, our sitcom kitties and me.


dame said...

I am so glad that things are going well ... and I have visited Austin, and I can picture you there very easily. It's a beautiful city, vibrant, with a great music and arts culture.

Best wishes for continued success for both of you! And congrats on your upcoming nuptials. :-)

Angela said...

Good luck to you both! We are also in the midst of figuring out job things right now, and I am so proud of my husband for making a career transition where we are both happier once we get home.

It's scary but exhilarating when change is on the horizon.

And I long to visit Austin. It seems like an amazing city!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

How is New Mexico, Angela?