Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beach Kitteh

With Anthony being laid up today I had plenty of time to get introspective and blog, and I couldn't let the day pass without sharing my new friend with you:
I present - Beach Kitteh.
He is warm and kind and I feel privileged not only to share his beach, but also to bask in his companionable purr as he drools and oozes a rather unwell goo from his nose. He is old and has obviously been in a doozy of an accident, with his feet turning in very different directions and his face that's a little smushed complete with a giant fur-less scar over one eye... he is amazing and I am in love with him, ailments and all.

As I draw and write and read he sits at my back, kneading the sand with his paws.
If Jones was darker and much older and more consistent in his amorous moods, he would be much like my dear Beach Kitteh.

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Angela said...

At first I thought this WAS Jones, and I was like "Why oh why would she put that poor cat on a flight to Hawaii?!"

Silly me.