Friday, October 10, 2008

Pink Bliss Lozenge

This necklace makes me think of sweetness and kindness and all manner of wonderment: being tucked in, secret gardens with unruly vines, beach sunsets, Art Deco design.... The stone is Peruvian Pink Opal in such a generous size and lustrous shade of petal.... it'll be in the metal shop before deep night tonight.

As Anthony accepts his fate ( while working desperately to find a new one ) and I steel myself for the land of corporate work again I need these sweet things. I know I will come home from work every night hungry to make and inspired anew for the love of what I will be doing from 6PM to sleepy time.
If I thought I loved my creative work before I think I am in for a wondrous treat: it will renew its honor through me again and again as the weeks go by: perhaps it will even save me from the overwhelming sadness that used to consume me when I was faced with office work - I know that part two of my day will be even more amazing and important.
More important than any of this will be the idea of letting myself 'be' - sometimes we identify so much with what we do
( especially here in LA where that's the intro line when you meet strangers at a party or on a bus - "What do you do?" ) that we forget how WORTHY we are by simply breathing. By being. My being-ness must be enough.

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