Friday, October 31, 2008

Tropical Schooling

What I have discovered over the past ten days in Kauai:

1. Love does grow every day, but in different areas and ways - there is no linear path. I think love growing surely must look like the roots of a tree or a nerve ending.

2. When we were on the way back from our kayaking trip I 'bonked' (thanks, Julie)- a state where you've exercised away all your energy and are kinda crashing - Anthony instructed me to be a good passenger while he rowed: every leaf we passed in the water was a temptation for me to eat, all my strength had escaped me. He took up my slack and even hauled in the kayak from the river so that I could go eat with my shaking hands and noodle legs. He loves me. Carrying extra weight is a form of love in this case.

4. When you go snorkling and you put on your masks, you are going to look like simple turtles. You will also drool. Should you look at each other like this it is more than OK to laugh until you have to remove your mouthpiece AND unsteam your goggles. The fact that you still want to kiss with your masks on is a serious testament to love in all her mysteries.

5. It feels really, really neat to say "Husband" when referring to the one you love.

6. After all those times I have joked (at most every single restaurant we've ever gone to) that I'd have the filet mignon and lobster tail when my Schmilly told me to 'get whatever you want' I FINALLY read a menu on which it was an option. Anthony ate the beef (would you believe I don't eat beef - ironic?) and I ate the lobster tail. Delish!!! Even joke-y dreams can come true!

7. Dragon fruit tastes like mild kiwi, longans taste like sweet mushrooms and rambutans taste like rambutans.

8. If you go somewhere and the culture is different than what you experience every day, be CURIOUS about it: seek out knowledge, taste the Saimin, smile at people you pass, learn the history of the land - you will be richer for being an excellent tourist.

9. Kauai will steal a piece of your heart and give it back to you tenfold with the understanding that you must return in order to retrieve it. While you are away surely it will be tended to with the utmost care and tremendous aloha spirit.

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