Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah So.....

Sunday, May 15 Post Script:
I find myself pinching my own cheek over your incredible response to my update of the metal shop.
How I ever got so blessed is beyond me:
thank you for your support.

Now more than ever, what is being made in my studio is born of a feeling so big I cannot seem to slow to flow: I hope you sense it when you un-loop your bakery twine and fold back the layers of red-heart tissue paper...
there it is, love in metal, love in leather.

Thank you.


One of my sister-girlfriends Terra is here staying with us for the last few days:
thank goodness we're both working ladies and she understands
my work schedule when an update is imminent...

She spent the day in meetings, I in the studio with my camera and
lots of pliers.

Everything is made.
and precious to me beyond belief!

Everything is in its proper place:


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