Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's the malachite of my dreams: chatoyant to a fever pitch
filled in the underside with cave-like chrysocolla....

beyond collector, this is once-in-a-lifetime stuff.

The band is engraved with a heart sprouting vines
and the bezel has been delicately hammered,
like a southern belle on her second glass of wine:
scratch that, southern belles I've known on their second glass of wine are

Forget I even mentioned the comparison:
It's simply beautiful.

Yes M'am.

Size 7.25, can be hammered up to a 7.5.

Copper flower with a bubble of natural, unpolished hematite as its center...
sterling dew drops
wide sterling band

for the wee of finger: 5.25

Gloriously feminine!!

And here is the holding bowl I've been working on for what feels like a year:
beautifully circular, organically so
with a stunning slice of chrysoprase in the center
soft edged rectangle.

This bowl is for holding your dreams:
that green just sings of possibility, doesn't it?

The sterling poking through the copper into the other side, into the open air is for the power of those wishes
the fierceness of your intention:

like a tiny punch through doubt and despair:
heaven knows we all get those moments, no matter where we are in our journey toward the wanted thing/project/career/partner....

Size 7 even

Oh my, it's a powerhouse!

All three pieces are absolutely available for a hold in the
and if no one claims them in the next few days,
you will see them there,
available and beautiful
on Tuesday.

If one of them belongs to you, hold on to your hat and send me a convo
so I can mark it reserved.

Have a wonderful night!


Amy Nicole said...

That malachite with the engraved band is fabulous! Beautiful work...

bonddi said...

Waahhhhh, I want them all! You are riding the supermaganaelectromagnetic supercalifradulisdicespealidous beam of soul.

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

That malachite is sensational!

UmberDove said...

I can attest to the super-mesmerizing-power of that slice of green magic!!!!! It's positively awe-inspiring!

NRjewellerydesign said...

Oh wow.... that malachite...! x