Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinkies Up!

My hair is wet
my house in a state of lady-less-ness
(tufts of fur in corners, studio plants calling for water like desert soldiers)


I am here, and full of the warmth and humidity of Florida!

I thought today of those silly t-shirts from my childhood that said things like "I went to _________ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"....
(do they still make things like that?)


because I took nary a single picture of a single beautiful thing
I chuckle to myself and think,
"I went to Florida and all I got was this lousy state of bliss!"

I sang The Lord's Prayer as my girlfriend Chris got married to her incredible husband Daniel
stayed up late
talked for hours on end to my sister-friend Amy Mc
made a lot of new friends
spent time with my Uncle (a delightful rascal)
his wife (amazing)
my cousin, his beautiful wife and their boys
(devout Christians passionate about their wonderful missionary work)
felt my very chest would puff out from my heart growing three sizes too big
wondered at the Spanish Moss

In the airport last night I was approached by a beautiful reader who held up her hand and showed me her dainty, elegant size 3-5 fingers!

It reminded me that I need to remember the wee of finger and the delicate of size
as well as the middle of finger (not to be confused with the actual middle finger)
and the generous of digit.

I am going to go peruse
THIS cookbook
go to Whole Foods
and make something fantastic.

I'll meander back to the studio later this week after I come back to California body AND soul
to make some beautiful pieces.

I missed you all: won't you tell me what you've been up to this past week?



MrsLittleJeans said...

I can only say that it is great to see you...otherwise it is all work work and work..only three more lectures and 2.2 weeks before this semester ends ...yeah...welcome back Sunny!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


2.2 weeks.... ah, here's to summer :) xoxox to you and the kitty boys!

Sybil Ann said...

WARMTH? It's bleeding hot here and you know it!

Sorry. Outside work in 90+ and the humidity is getting to me. :)

Welcome home.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sybil -


Yes, WARMTH ;)

Let me tell you, that humidity and heat felt darn good after a winter of 55 degrees, sharp breezes and rain!! :) xoxoxox

'Rin said...

This past week? Oye... I scrambled to finish my finals and last pieces of schoolwork before I walked across a large stage and accepted my Bachelor and Master degrees in Environmental Science, several years after I had originally slated such a thing to happen on my timeline. My parents showed up and I spent time showing them around amidst all of the ruckus, as well. And... unfortunately, a break is not yet in the schedule.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

'Rin: Congratulations, my dear!! I hope you have time for at least a bubble bath and a glass of wine!!

bonddi said...

I have been practising my royal wave with my left hand, where upon the fourth finger resides the most beautiful creation made by you:) Loving my new ring. It has been making dinners, done lots of internet surfing, some ebay bids (I almost always lose -- but I am waiting on the vintage alligator purse with eyes to arrive), and typing away at my first novel and reading a 200 year old book, the life of Napolean by Sir Walter Scott (an ebay steal). So interesting to hold something that old...wonder how many hands have touched it? Glad you had a good time and loving the hair. Now get busy and make me something else!

Cat said...

I love staying up late and talking into the night...
in fact hubby and I did that the other night...last week
we were in much need of connection
so funny
everything was completely out of character
we sat up and chatted in bed till 1:30am over rye and cokes...lol I do not usually drink the hard stuff, i am more a wine kinda girl, but alas rye was the poison of the night...
he came into the room and took one look at me
came back with two drinks in hand...even in the fancy glasses
i love those moments

yeah so that is something that i have been up to
: )
You hair is gorgeous and your light so bright!

Love and Light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Bonddi: Aahhhhh!!! :) This thrills me. I cannot wait to read your first novel :) xoxoxox

Cat: ah, the reconnecting is so sweet: good on your husband that he knew to bring a nightcap and catch up with his lady :) xoxoxoxox

Corinna said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. And your hair looks absolutely amazing!!

You are one bold chica ;)


WillowMetals said...

Ah, absolutely beautiful! What a lucky new owner. I do hope that you make more of these ;) xoxo