Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mystery Plume

Took a spin on the Lapidary Wheel today
and I cannot stop smiling!!

Yes, my back is paying the price and I promise myself rest for the remainder of the day, but my goodness, I nearly wept when the Cab King started a' whirring....

I perfected some pieces I had long ago begun, like this Lucky Strike Agate, which I am setting this week in a ring!! Woo hooo!

And some pieces were purchased works that just needed a touch of extra care: this beautiful, rare and insanely beautiful chatoyant Boitryoidal Malachite and Chrysocolla stone had rough edges, hard to set. I fixed that right up. Likely this will be simply set in a ring with an engraved band. It's a biiiig stone.

Its heart is golden.

More mystery plume, looking all kinds of good enough to eat....

And lastly, a lucky strike moss.

I have to go lay down, I've a case of the vapors just LOOKING at these pictures, knowing these special stones sit in the studio, awaiting their sterling houses.....

This is my job????



Cat said...

you are the luckiest of ducks today! well cabbed!

Anonymous said...

You do have a good job. :) And those are great stones.

mairedodd said...

omg, omg, omg is right! now you've given me the vapors and the gimmees because i am convinced i must have whatever you make with that mystery plume... and i am SUPPOSED to be working finishing up my mom's gift for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

These stones are like walking through the forest...
breathe taking

and YES
So cool right?

feel better♥

love and light

NRjewellerydesign said...

oh gorgeous! I love the lucky strike cab and the mystery plume cabs. I wish cabbing, metal and leather was my job! X

Tasha Imajin said...

Zoinks! The sight of that last one made me GASP. So gorgeous! Lucky you, little lady, this is indeed your job!

Kelly said...

yikes! these are unreal...oh me oh my you lucky lady to have such a fantabulous job...which you do so very well, I might add!:)