Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sunday Love Affair

So, I promise myself every once in a while that I won't be in the studio on the weekends, and for good reason:

it's nice to take time off
I need a balance in my life between social and 'work'
(I put it in quotes because I love it so much, it feels like hobby stuff, even when it gets hectic: there is too much fun in the discoveries I experience to call it work, but it is, so there's that...)
The big wide world should be explored...

it's rainy all weekend

and Anthony is taking me on a date tonight (!)
We lingered long over morning coffee yesterday laughing and talking and saying sweet things to each other...


I am leaving for Orlando, Florida (singing at a wedding, seeing tremendous friends and my family!) for a week on Thursday morning and these ideas won't rest
better put,
won't allow me to rest.

So here I am, in heaven.

Schmilly pops in for a kiss every few hours, and to look at what's got me in a tizzy today:
he appreciates my situation,
knows my heart about it
and understands.

Thank goodness!

There are fins and wings and big hobo bags with foxes in love...

Choosing the suede lining, perhaps a lovely pale lavender?

There's a brilliantly messy metal bench
(leather must be clean at all times, so this messiness is only a luxury of metals...
the leather bench gets the white glove treatment.)

my fine succulent friends....

New design elements like fiddly bits for the nervous ring-wearer (this holding bowl is crazy amazing: a circle this time!)

Lavender leaves ready for rolling...

And flowers springing out of metal...

Pierced sterling medallions with maidenhair ferns

From which a prized agua nueva agate will hang....

in short, I am in love.

I am in love on a Sunday
with more things than I can list,
but these are a few.

Off to kiss the Schmill (who I love the mostest),


Kim said...

Oh, man, I want one of those wings!! And something made with the maidenhair ferns!! Loving (and drooling over) all your pressed nature pieces. Just gorgeous!

Happy Sunday to you!

NRjewellerydesign said...

It all looks fab! I have to spend my weekends creating, but luckily my other half is also understanding! x

Sunny Rising Leather said...

KIm: Keep your eyes on the Leather Shop on Tuesday ;)
So lovely to see you here again!!

NR: thank goodness for the understanding other half :) Enjoy your work! xoxox

Kelly said...

well, first off, those succulent friends are the best kind...i do know this for a sure fire fact:)and now, i am just trying to figure out how one person can do so many wonderful things all in a Sunday..bless you, you wondergal!
Ohhhh still dreaming of one of your designs to adorn this soul in the country, not far from the sea...

Belinda Saville said...

Ahhhh...the love of a good man gives you wings to soar...and time to create :-) You look as though you are on a roll with all these new beauties, Allison! Your maidenhair imprints truly take my breath away...I'm in love!!