Thursday, May 5, 2011

For My D

I met her in high school:
she had bleached blonde hair, eyebrows that could raise on a dime
and a tough-as-fuck attitude.

Compared to my good-hearted, please-everybody ways, she was the ultimate punk rock princess.
She had a few things she loved that ended up surprising me:

(to the extent that she cannot watch a show where even a stunt animal, though safe, performs the act of being injured)

and music.

She once confessed that she secretly respected Luther Vandross because when she heard his voice she could tell, "he loved that woman!"

Though time would reveal it was in all likelihood a man, it matters not:

she knows pure love when she sees it, when she hears it sing.

In 2006 she adopted a pomeranian mix from a shelter, and quite instantly they bonded.
Foxy, or Foxy Bear.

Foxy was a burly little man, with a gorgeous amber-red coat for days and a fierce love of his guardian:

one might say he perhaps was her keeper; vigilant and steady in his watch over her house and her heart.

They had rituals, routines and a love like few I've seen between the kept and the keeper, either human or animal.

For him, she was a marshmallow

For her, he was a chivalrous steward.

He was the kind of dog that made you feel chosen if he sat near you, that surely the good deed you had done earlier in the day had been seen,

had granted you an moment with a good dog.

He passed quite recently, and I found out about it today.

My heart is heavy, my eyes a bit swollen
not for Foxy, whose fluffy pantaloons surely dance on the other side of that
tear-inducing rainbow bridge,

but for my D, whose very soul is shattered.

I promise love will find you
and that beloved rascal will guide the right creature to your door
your heart
and your life
with every ounce of his might,
which still is
as it ever was.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

You are the kindest soul I've ever met, an artist and an angel.

I love you,

Debbie said...

you are so special Allison! Thank you for posting this.
what a heart of gold.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I will be thinking lovely thoughts of foxy and your friend xoxo

Tasha Imajin said...

My heart just squeezed so tight it pushed tears from my eyes. I know that very love for animals and how it sucks the air out of you when they die. Much love to D and to you for being her friend.

Cat said...

This is so touching Allison
so beautiful
you truly are an angel

love and light

Puck's Mom said...

How sad! But the words you spun together are a soothing balm for heartache.

I lost my little Puck 6 months ago but it still feels like yesterday...

Sending out cuddles and love to Foxy and your friend.

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

I couldn't agree more with what has been said - just like I have been saying since I started reading your blog way back - your sweet soul shines in every post. Never stop being the golden big hearted girl you are Allison!

Lorena sometimes ... said...

my gosh!
your friend is so lucky to be wrapped in your words and in your love ...

so eloquent, so so SO ~
you transported me back to the day i lost my first and very own dog/companion as an adult. you awakened memories and remembrances of just how much i loved her, and she me.

i will hold my girls a bit closer and a smidge tighter tonight, in loving memory of little Foxy Bear!!!

Anonymous said...

I love people who understand the deep love between a pet and their human. Beautifully written Allison! To D, my deepest sympathies, keep your memories close at hand they will help you through.

Kelly said...

This is so special.
The sadness which comes from the loss of our pet companions runs so deep, I still miss my first dog to this day.
You are a lovely friend for sure.

Amanda said...

This made me weepy (in a good way)! My heart goes out to your friend and her loss. I cried in the middle of an ice cream parlor the other day when "Here Comes the Sun" came on the radio since that was the song I was singing to my beloved cat, Maggie, when she passed away (several years ago).

The world is a better place because of your sweet and compassionate soul.