Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother is Super Awesome.

Above is a picture of my sister and I with our grandma (our mother's mother) who we referred to as our 'Grammy'.

Her name was Cecelia Veronica.

She brought us hard candy
She taught us how to make Kluski like a good Polish Grandma should
She bounced us on her generous knee
watched Hee Haw on Friday nights sitting between us in our den

and sadly,

she took her own life when I was four years old.

Someday when I can find the words I will write more about her, but I can say that I loved her with all my tiny might
and that her passing left a huge hole in my heart,

ripped anew as I continue to learn the adult details of her life
and her death.

The fact that she left us by her own choice is indicative of a mind not at peace.

So you see,

My mother obviously came from challenge

and she vowed that we would have a good life,
a fair shot at our dreams
and the encouragement from both she and my Poppy to soar...

Here we are with sturdy wings,
a true and loving testament to the fact that she and my father did it right


that perhaps there were guardian angels
ensuring our safety when we chose poorly, as the youth often do...

My mother is


If I am ever lucky enough to have my own sweet child, I have a model
of good parenting who came to learn her craft
by book, instinct and sheer force of will....

This mother's day,
I feel my soul's luck
quite palpably.

I love you, Mommy.