Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preview of Coming Bagtractions

Please forgive my loopy self: I've been shut in the studio all day with a leather swivel knife and
a ton of ideas:

A few things stuck while others wait in the wings to be realized...

There shall be a big bag (not to be confused with the extra large Hobo bag)
with seagulls in love,
coveting a beautiful bezel set piece of Eclipse Stone

On the back there will be an oval inlay of a beautiful sunset,
watercolor and pale perfection.


there shall be a spring clutch, peony and bee-style


with an inlay of my signature bird skull on the back side with a few sewn medallions of
rebirth symbols

I am so excited.

I have to go back in and continue the work of it all.

The seagull bag will have black leather and be lined in a rich golden yellow suede

and the clutch will be lined in rose colored suede -

days like this make my heart sing.

I should mention I will take reserves on these bags, should they resonate with your heart:
send me a
to set one aside:
I'll mark them as reserved here should they be claimed!



WillowMetals said...

Gorgeous! You are always blooming with amazing ideas! I am a bag/purse addict :) I used to collect Lucky Brand bags. I just loved them. Some of them had bits of some tooling on them but nothing compared to hand crafted. After owning a Sunny bag....well, I just can't go back to other stuff. They seem so without soul. Both your jewelry and your leather work come with soul and lots of love! They are like little lives themselves. I just adore them! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing talents with the world. You give all of us extra little boosts of sunshine ;)

Sunny Rising Leather said...


Aw, heavens, my dear!! Those are the most wonderful words of praise! I love making bags so much. When I am working on a purse it just.... it really does take on a life of its own... :) Love!!!

DalaHorse said...

Can't wait to see seagulls in love all finished and basking in glory! Your leather work is so inspiring and filled with a fresh innocence!

resolute twig said...

These all sound AMAZING my friend! sending love, xo

MrsLittleJeans said...

Sea gulls in love? : )


Cat said...

Wheee! More bags! Always, more bags! I've caught the bug myself, and am loving your bees! Sunshine indeed!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Miss Mona,

now where do you think baby seagulls come from, lady??!



3dots said...

Oh those bees!!! Everything you make is SO wonderful!!! This clutch will be amazing, i know it!!