Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Luxe for Lovely Ears

A few weeks ago at the farmer's market I visited my favorite stand and inquired
after the heirloom tomatoes -
"All gone" was the answer from the pretty girl, and we shared a wry smile.

Last of the season can be a sad moment
if you can press the 'last of' into metal, well then:
spring all year!


These are my last flower petals, adorned in rivets and surrounded by
delicious, nutritious color

monochrome rainbows are the theme:

...hits you right in the heart chakra with a cleansing burst!


Supremely luxe Mexican Fire Opal


This pair is asymmetrical, with one earring ending in a riveted petal, the other sans flower
parts: it's a bit rock and roll, and oh so posh!!!

Maidenhair Fern and perfect aqua fluorite

So fresh!!!


Short petal dangles and turquoise rondelles

Lovely, lovely luxe

for your beautiful ears.

Do any of these belong to you?

me -
I will set them aside and you can take them home when I update the shop this coming Wednesday!


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MrsLittleJeans said...

All too gorgeous! xxoo