Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Back in September when I offered this clutch as a customizable
here on the blog,
I could never have imagined that the choices of the woman who claimed it would so move me and inspire such joy in the making:
I still get knocked out by how much every piece surprises.

I loved every hammer blow and each knife cut.
I cannot express how deeply I adore working with tooling leather.

I have a new smaller hobo bag I am working on, something that should be affordable and
delightful in every way.

A small hobo hag with a hummingbird, scalloped edges and the organic lace I worked with on the scarflettes last winter.

I am so jazzed about it already!!



MrsLittleJeans said...


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Gorgeous! I love the bees, how adorable.
I can't wait to see this bag too, it sounds sensational!

Janel said...


The clutch is beyond gorgeous and amazing. It is a fabulous piece of one of a kind art and craftsmanship. A treasure to last a life time or two! I adore it. Es muy bonita!

Such a statement it makes! it will be very fun to cherish and carry!

ps. the secret under the flap, tugs at the heart strings...>3

Amanda said...

Beautiful, beautiful! It's so lovely that I caught myself wanting to clap when the pictures appeared on my monitor (but I don't think you would have heard my applause and it probably would have startled Fritz, our chinchilla).

You have a real gift.

Cat said...

what amazing talent you have Sunny Lady!

love and light

Valerie Brown said...

So beautiful!

Sybil Ann said...

I simply must sell some bowls. :)

bonddi said...

That is just bee-tiful! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

mairedodd said...

your leather work has me yearning to own a special part of you before that baby takes over your heart and hands! cannot wait to see what is brewing...

bon*bon said...

Absolutely stunning!!!
Take care~ xo