Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Botanica in Progress

It starts with a handful of wonderful stones:

a rare and deeply colored Parrot Wing Jasper
a self-cabbed piece of Australian Chrysoprase
a brilliant and gem-quality Australian opal
and a stunner of labradorite.

In progress: a double layer of botany:
fern and jacaranda tree leaves
in an asymmetrical necklace

A long seed pod sculptural necklace in which the opal will rest


A Fading Flower Necklace - To-Be...

And this final study, a leaf I had collected a few years back in Petaluma,
stuck in a pocket of my grey peacoat and forgotten

until a few weeks ago when I was looking for change:
The leaf had become nearly skeletal, perfectly supple and soft
like an old flannel.

I hope to have these pieces done by the end of the month.

November will be a very sparse month
as I'll be gone for half of it,
split between

I am getting these beauties in while the energy is right
and the studio is a warm, loving blaze of passion!

Tonight my mother arrives: the best birthday present a woman could ask for!!

Have a wonderful night,


mairedodd said...

what a gorgeous everything - but that leaf is perfection... so impressive that it was usable after this time elapse...

Nialah said...

I cannot wait to see the finished pieces. They are going to be absolutely gorgeous.



genie marie said...

Happy happy birthday dearest Allison