Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy Days are for Painting

Greetings from the land of the gentle downpour:
the autumn rains have begun in earnest, my favorite of seasonal gifts!!

I sit in our warm kitchen
after having consumed two servings of oatmeal
with toasted pecans and plumped dried cranberries:
in more ways than a body has a right to be.

Friends, my morning sickness has departed
and left in its chartreuse wake a nearly insatiable hunger.

My taste for fast food is thankfully past,
and the desire to cram fresh fruit and veggies in has reawakened.
Last night I made a big pot of homemade black beans, tender and simmered until the whole garlic cloves I tossed in disintegrated

a generous steamer full of short grain brown rice,

and a casserole of cauliflower, tomatoes, parmesan and breadcrumbs drizzled in butter
which I baked until it was golden and bubbling.

It has rained both yesterday and today, and the dimness of the studio made the lamplight I worked by all the more romantic - I love painting on rainy days
with the radio on
and something warm in a mug on the table behind me!

I am also getting these fabulous bursts of energy, which are coming in handy -
when I looked at the state of our house after being sick as anything for three months
(I reserved my energy for work, understandably)
it was deplorable.

Note: Anthony helped and certainly asked what he could do but I was not even well enough to notice what had become grimy: it all looked green to me.

The stove got scrubbed
the floors swept
The bathroom sink, which Janey has taken to sleeping and twirling in got disinfected
and scotch-brighted (?) to death
The kitchen floor was mopped with great attention to detail
and the gorgeous big wolf spider the cats had not managed to kill yet when I found it hobbling
got a ride in a cup to the front porch: I hope he's thriving out there, or at least alive.
I love spiders.

I am limiting myself to 1.5 hours of housework per day
(until I get the house back in ship shape),
lest I burn out
too fast: the energy is boundless until about 10:30 PM,
when sleep comes fast and departs at around 7:30 AM.

I am really very taken with the second trimester of pregnancy -
sometimes I sit rubbing my belly clockwise and talking to the small babe in there about the world,
about bravery and bees and all manner of beautiful things.

In just a dot I'll leave for a restorative flow class,
walking to and fro in the rain
under my goldfish umbrella
with my baby.

What are you up to today?

Have a beautiful one,


Emily said...

Completely agree about the rain! There is nothing better than creating something, mug of tea at your side, and watching it come down through the window.

So glad to hear you are feeling better.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Good to see you Sunny, even with rain you are sunny! I am up to the usual work and I am happy that it is not raining here today, not today. It could rain later. My latte is finished and I sure could use another. Enjoy your day, and thanks for the recipe. xoxo

Sybil Ann said...

I cleaned all the dogs bedding, did three loads of clothes, washed me and the dog, got a package from my bestie (and will be sending her BACK the lovely loving fern disc - she put them in the mail too fast!) and making another coil bowl whilst wearing a dragonfly wing. Big love and gnome farts. XO

Amy Nicole said...

The 2nd trimester is the best. Glad to hear you are feeling better! :-)

Heidi said...

oh gosh your description of your meal is making me hungry even though I just ate lunch. Today I am at work, working on a business card design and double checking my models for production. Then train/bike ride home where I intend to make a "30 before 30" list (have one year to complete!). And then a friend is coming over to help me eat the ridiculous amounts of salsa and pesto I made last weekend, as well as inevitably get tipsy on wine.

Glad your morning sickness is gone! This is a long comment, I guess I feel chatty today. Ciao!

Elaine said...

glad to hear the morning sickness is gone! do we get another belly pic soon? hugs to you!

UmberDove said...



(can I do the same in a couple weeks?)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Emily: Thank you, my dear! I am so excited for your new store placement - go on with your bad self!!! :)

Mona I wish I could join you for a latte, decaf for me ;) xoxoxo

Sybil!!!! I love that you are wearing my work while you make your work sing!!! hooray :) xoxox

Amy - it really is - and thank you!!

Heidi: that list sounds fabulous - I am a big fan of efforts like that: we've got this one juicy life - live it!!! :) xoxo

Elaine - thanks, mama!!! Indeed, more belly pics soon :) xoxoxo

My Dove - oh indeed, my dear you MAY!!! xoxo

Cat said...

I am so happy your energy has returned mamma!
Has the sickness completely subsided?
Love the painting you do in the rain...the rain does add a welcome element sometimes doesn't it.

Today I did laundry/had an inspiring conversation with a spiritual mentor/took my puppy for a run/made turkey stew (Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday) and 5 mason jars of turkey stock/tonight I plan to journal about my conversation today...learnt some important stuff for the journey of letting go... and then I will cuddle all my boys and read a tad and go to sleep. A productive day indeed!

gallerydarrow said...

So glad you're feeling better.

The rain awakens me too, I feel like I'm coming out of dormancy.


jordan said...

mmmm, i love the rain too. and i get flutters every time i hear you (see you?) talk (write?) about your babe...i LOVED being pregnant (for the most part)so it's lovely to hear you're enjoying it - and the 2nd trimester is the bees knees. enjoy it!! my little man is going to be 9 months in a week, time FLIES, i can't even believe it! honestly, sometimes it still blows my mind that i'm even a mama, let alone that 3/4 of his first year has already passed by! it's been so enjoyable though, i can't say i'd trade a single second. so looking forward to hearing more updates about your baby growing project!

kennington designs said...

we will be in Monteray to teach on the 1st weekend of December. I would love to see you both. Let us know if you are availible that timeframe...

glad you are feeling better now :)