Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loving Kindness and Chrysoprase


These were the subjects last night in yoga, taught for the last time by my favorite teacher.
In the last full year, I've learned so much more about commitment, love and passion from this woman and the lineage of Tibetan Heart Yoga than I ever knew I could hold.

She transformed my practice from one of physical exercise to mental devotion -
to bettering not just myself, but holding loved ones, strangers and everything in between in one's mind as the practice deepens, offering your strength in the hopes that they may be free of suffering,
that all beings may be free of suffering.

There is no feeling like finding a kernel of love for someone who has bullied you
or devoting a long-held warrior III to someone in need.

Even after the car accident when I could not move very much, I would go and sit quietly on my mat just to be in class.

I've realized through my practice that this work I do with my hands is the ultimate expression of Metta in my life. I try to work when I am at peace, and if I find myself
challenged while in my studio I'd rather not leave a piece with that energy;
I don't 'go to bed angry', so to speak.

Metals and hide get filled with intentions and prayers,
packages get wrapped with love and well-wishes for the recipient,
songs are hummed
gratitude is professed
angst is healed here.

This room with its aqua walls is my solace and my saving grace
on days that hurt.

This piece is a perfect example of love in action;
I hand-rolled two different types of green through the mill:
Mendocino Fern
and Jacaranda, a tree that blooms astounding purple blossoms in late spring.

The chrysoprase cab was worked by me on my wheels at home
and the quality of the stone is astounding; the deepest apple green you can ever imagine
and luminous in big ways.

In this piece are wishes for growth and green, tender thoughts and a few kicks from my baby.
Dancing inside the molecules of the silver are calming words
for your fight -
imploring you to let it go,
assuring you that in surrender you will vanquish something far more powerful than an enemy.

The Lovingkindness extends to my family as well:

This piece will feed us, help me grow my studio
and my spirit, nurture this little life we three are building.

I will be donating 20% of the sale of this piece to the Metta Center.

You can find this beauty in the

this morning.



MrsLittleJeans said...

lovely green...xoxo

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

what kindness, practice, and devotion :)
it leaves a beautiful and lasting impression on metal and in the lives of others!

Jenna said...

I believe in this. I believe in you.

Lovingkindess is a boomerang, baby. Gandhi said so (I summarize).

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Mona - Lovely you :) xo

Lynsey - It feels like the most important work of my life :) Here's to metal, too! ;) oxoxo

Jenna - From someone who got to practice alongside you, I echo your kind words. Maybe we can TaraNa in late November? xoxoxo

mairedodd said...

and it shows...
we work very similarly you and i...

Cat said...

it is a scared gift you have.....

love and light

Jenna said...

Oh, yes!! I'll be needing a bright ray of sun that time of year. Count me in & mahalo.