Monday, October 24, 2011

Born Again Half Belt

Twin bird skulls (my Wright's Beach skull)
frame a juicy, pomegranate carnelian cabochon
set in fine silver and copper
stitched in to warm toffee colored leather
and soft as a silk saffron lamb suede.

"Born Again"
reads the stamped inscription inside.

That phrase can mean anything from
finding new life in religion
to discovering untapped reserves of strength within
recovering from trauma
relinquishing attempts at control
or just simply rising again with the morning sun,
grateful and exuberant.

There is something autumnal about the coloration
but season-less is the subject matter:

death and rebirth are a favorite subject in my studio,
a necessity in the growth of a soul
and the history of earth.

This half-belt measures 28.5 inches ring end to ring end
and looks fabulous strung with a scarf:


Rich in tender touches,
this is an heirloom piece
for a woman who knows the joy of
from slumbers both physical and spiritual.

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Gemheaven said...

Your leather work is beautiful ♥

Cat said...

you are awesome!!!

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

You look great in that belt...lovely indeed xxx

Cat said...

You are simply full of awesome.

resolute twig said...

This is beautiful!! xo
Love it!!