Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Greetings

Dearest Friends,

Greetings from this sleepy Sunny on Christmas Eve from my parent's adorable house in Pennsylvania - it's been a lovely few days of catching up with dearest girlfriends and staring at my parents and sister trying to memorize their faces for yet another season.

I've also allowed myself to fall apart lightly: these last few months have been nothing short of intense with Anthony's sudden job loss and the increase in my own business. We have proven ourselves to be an even more formidable pair of lovers than I could have ever anticipated, but in trying to be as rock-like as possible I have found a thread or two have come loose returning to the safe haven of my parents' house.
All these evidences of my childhood around me (the safest and most idyllic time I have ever known) have touched a chord inside that aches for how brave it is to simply be an adult. Sometimes that alone gets you weepy.

Schmilly is in Arkansas which is where I was to be this year on the rotation of family holidays, but I couldn't bear to be without my intensely close nuclear family, so all the Schmills lovingly and gently understood and let me go where I needed to be.

I am doubly lucky.
Doubly in love with my double families.

I miss my Anthony, our rituals and how accustomed I have gotten to his nearness - accustomed is not the right word: I love having him near- it's more passionate than 'accustomed'. I'll let you know when I find the right term.

In the meantime, tomorrow is Christmas. I am more excited to give than receive.

I am reading The Daily Coyote by the luminous Shreve Stockton and my goodness, this book is shining, lovely, honest and great. Please do yourself a favor and invest in the evidence that growth is all around us and amazing to discover.
I adore you all and send you absolute hugs and hopes that your holiday season opens your heart and holds you tight in its warmth.
Tons of heart,


Ann from Montana said...

I am reading Daily Coyote also - started last night in front of a roaring fire. I couldn't begin - yet - to describe all of the wonderfulness in this book. I have had it for nearly 3 weeks and have been saving it for the right time.

I often feel some of the same way when I read your posts - discovery, affirmation, inspiration...

Wishing you have a restful, warm and wonderful Christmas.

Jessie in Chicago said...

My mother is wearing her beautiful blue bird necklace today, so proudly. She loves it so much. Rest up for a hugely successful 2009!

Good Girls Studio said...

Isn't it fitting the place we feel safest is where we most often have our little break downs! I am most safest at my parents house in the comfort of my mothers arms...even as an adult .Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, my dearest ladies!!
Ann, may this be the year we can all get our hands on your pictures :)
Jessie - I have loved watching your shop flourish this year: to your 2009 as well!
Johanna, good to know I am not alone in my sentimental/parental ways :)