Sunday, December 28, 2008


My collection.
Months and months of thinking and dreaming and researching.
Over one hundred stones were purchased -
while girlfriends bought amazing shoes and Vera Wang dresses to recover from their broken hearts I purchased little bits of the earth
hoping they would literally ground me.
Now that I finally feel like I am ready to send more of them out into the world
I dream of what word or image to stamp into the pieces of jewelry they'll adorn.
Mother nature made these jewels for us and
Lapidary artists patiently pulled out their colors and shined them up nice.
I have hoarded them until I knew I could properly honor their shapes and heavenly hues.
This is the year of their marriage with metal
When they will meet the person to whom they belong.


DameJame. said...

Oh, ALLISON. Those stones. So, so pretty.

I love the wee round pink one toward the bottom left corner ... how big is it?

Sunny Rising Leather said...

The pink one is under an inch: a very rare and lovely piece of rhodochrosite with a light orb in the center: I was actually thinking of making it into a necklace this week: have you another idea, my dear?

DameJame. said...

Welllllll ... I do think it would make a very lovely ring. In a very simple setting. But that's just me. :)

I love one of the oval turquoise stones you have, too ... I literally went "Oooooh!" out loud when I saw that photo. I love stones and different colours and shapes and they all look so, so beautiful. A treasure trove, indeed!