Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a wonderful show. I got the chance to meet more amazing women and the men who love them last night. There is a certain gentleness to the women who frequent my table and even still I find myself bone-achingly shy.
I made these things in front of my arms displayed in a lovely rectangle of real estate. All those hours: all that love - and there I am, shy as a daisy.
Questions make me blush.
Inquiries make me stutter.
My kingdom for a piano at those moments: no matter how desperately shy I am before a musical show I sit my bum on my piano bench and feel the rush of sure-ness.

I did well last night: I made several koi that I didn't list on Etsy and it's a good thing: they flew away, along with some other koi that had been in the Etsy shop and a few silver pieces. The theme was definitely in favor of the fishee!!

The event itself brought out the most interesting, fashion forward people and reminded me in equal measure of my love/hate relationship with this amazing city called Los Angeles.

Some of the hippest, most bad-ass looking folk had these gentle hearts that made me feel so safe and open, and yet there was an equal number of hungry-eyed beautiful ones with disdain on the tip of their tongues: angels and troubled souls abounded each time I looked up.

I am taking today to rest as I have the energy only to post a blog and check to make sure everything's humming on the sitelets. I am considering closing the metal shop after January to keep costs down and keep my focus on the leather: I am burning the candle at all kinds of ends and some things are suffering.

Must get to figuring.

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