Friday, December 5, 2008

Mama Peacock Feather Eye and Her Brood

I am working overtime to get everything ready for Create:Fixate. I keep reading more about it online: it is really an amazing cultural event that takes place 4 times per year: I will be one of only 7 jewelry designers present: that's amazing.

I am working to beef up my stock ( no pun intended as I work with leather ha ha ) and in the process have had no time for fun and lovely things like blogging. I'll be posting a few things and both of my shops will be closed Saturday after 2PM until Sunday at Noon - I cannot stress enough that if you love a certain stone, nab it up now. If it's leather, just write it down and I'll find the inactive listing and make it for you!! I think this event is bigger than I even thought!!


Ann from Montana said...

Best wishes on the "show" and gorgeous new banner on the blog!

liz r. said...

Oooo, I'll miss that peeled turquoise ring if it sells. I have been eyeing it up . . . it's big for me, though.

Good luck, I hope the event goes smashingly!