Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Giant Heart

You have all made my heart grow three sizes this Christmas.
I believe in things I had started to get hazy on, good things - prayerful things.

My customers have shown me more grace and more heart than anyone has  a right to ask for.

My Husband has shown me more tenderness than I ever knew I could hold.

I am sitting here not knowing how to handle all this love in this small frame: it feels like a dam overflowing, being the recipient of so many emails and kind words.

I was just thinking before December that I should close up the silver shop because supplies are so expensive and the demand is so low, but if anything this last week has taught me that what I love needs to be made real as often as possible.

I have angels all around me echoing my deepest joys and a strong sense that everything is evolving.

I adore you all so much. Thank you for your orders, for your kindness and mostly for just being here with me on this page.



Dave Zeman said...

Joy be with you always, and when the sadness comes... think deep, there is an inner peace inside.... Maybe Schmill will convince you that's the promise of resurrection... though for Angels like you.. you may be just eternal.


Anonymous said...

It's a joy coming to this page to experience your lovely images and thoughtful words. :)

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh boy.
I feel you on this one.
I'm overwhelmed in the exact same way.
Thanks for your vote on the tree post.
Meant the world to me!
Jam is on the way!