Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Necessary, Not Evil

There is a job that may become available to me. It is five minutes away from home.
It is with a company that is sought after in a building full of natural light with people my girlfriend describes as 'wonderful'.
It pays beautifully.

Anthony has not found work, nor is there any guarantee for a timetable we could both hope for. Health insurance runs out tomorrow and lord knows it's been months since I have thought seriously of buying anything other than things for my business.

December was the best month I have ever had by 250% - wow!!!!! I think that was a gift from the heavens so that I wouldn't see taking structured employment as a failure or a loss. Fresh off of my stunning success I see 9-5 as a tool to use right now: to get us feeling stable as a couple: it's not even dramatic enough to call it a sacrifice.

It is a pleasure to know I can help provide our roots in this little family.
I see it as a blessing.

This will mean some changes for my lovely buyers: custom orders will take a month instead of 2 weeks unless they're small items, and the shops will not be quite as full as one finds them now.
I will still gig :) I will take more silversmithing classes to learn techniques I've not yet known about. I know it seems odd to speak about this as though it has happened, but whether it's this company or another, it WILL be a goal of mine to provide consistency for our home.

I will re-enter the workforce with joy, a karma yoga for my life and a reflection of my gratitude for my amazing husband and our little cat-children.


DameJame. said...

It sounds like this is working out well for the two of you - I am so glad to hear how you are embracing things.

Congratulations and best of all things to you with this new endeavour. :) xo!

Angela said...

We have been through a similar struggle these past few months and I can only say you are handling with grace!

Difficulties can make couples so much stronger; wishing you lots of luck and happiness in 2009.

Dave Zeman said...

I'm glad for you... it isn't surprising that good things happen to positive people like yourself.

If it means a May trip is off, it's very understandable. You are so young... there will be other times.

Hey I watched a DVD of the Johnny Cash show, and saw a young Joni Mitchell. It is no wonder now to me why people compare you to her.


Good Girls Studio said...

Good luck on whatever adventure life brings your way! May your new year be blessed:)

Jessie in Chicago said...

time to be thankful for education and experience that enable us to do what's necessary to pay the bills in times like these. This job will likely be a great marketing opportunity for your business. People with jobs tend to make good customers!

auryane said...

There's nothing wrong with a 9 to 5, as long as you enjoy it. However, I'm glad to see that you'll still be making your beautiful creations.

To be honest, a month-turnover for custom projects is pretty light. (then again, I'm used to ordering corsets...and waiting for 6-18 months). Your customers will understand, and your work is always well worth the wait.