Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, happy new year!!!! I spent it gigging with my MattEO and Chad and Phil at a lovely place called "Time in a Bottle" in Redlands. Everyone got all wine-happy and Anthony and I kissed like we had lips made out of each others' favorite candy.

Second: tomorrow I am going to present you with three pieces whose light I cannot even TRY to capture tonight: three opal pieces.
One with yellow egyptian opal ( Oh my Rah!! )
One with deeeep blue/green opal and little pieces of coral (!)
Aaaaand a ring in the shape of an archer's bow with a boulder opal from Australia.

I cannot express my love for these pieces enough. They transformed my night with their magical opal fire. I for one have a hard time thinking of a more miraculous stone than one formed from water and earth.

As always, your comments from yesterday's post were amazing: thank you for the support  - I know if this option becomes my reality it was meant to be: if not, then onward!!!

You all make me so happy :)

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