Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cozy Day

Today is a day I wrap tight around my shoulders: a lunch with my gorgeous and funny husband and a trip to Whole Foods for a few not - quite - necessary objects AND a new self-help book. I love them, I cannot even pretend I don't. They remind me to practice all good things, like compassion and self-care and organization.

I am also on a teeny break from making, having just completed the last of my custom orders for the leather shop: I will be doing a shop update on Monday with some delicious new Peacock feather items and some leaf necklaces, but today I cannot even fathom a reasonable way to lift the mantle of cozy sleepy restfulness off of my shoulders.

I got word that the 9-5 position I would have wanted might actually not pay so well at all, which would make it ridiculous for me to trade in my current artisan-by-day-and-night lifestyle in favor of workerbee-by-day-artisan-by-night.

Interesting how things develop their own life and a story unfolds from something that was previously a single thought.

I also received my very first custom ring request and it fills me with a joy I cannot even begin to express - wow!!

I hope you are all having days full of your own kind of cozy.

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