Saturday, January 3, 2009

Portrait of the Precious

This is my little firefighter elephant who sits full of water and ready for whatever burning thing might need dousing: thankfully he has been unneeded and gets to sit and be fawned over: he is irresistible!! 
The unthinkable happened over the break: I came home to box up a gorgeous koi clutch only to discover water damage on the back side under the writing: I contacted my customer and let her know of the problem, and so I am making another one this weekend. They do take quite a bit of time, but I want her to be thrilled: that's my goal for every customer: thrillage.
It turns out the water damage came from a spill that had happened even before I got the hide: water had gotten on it after the tanning process and had left a barely perceptible mark: as it was colored yellow and dried again the mark came out clear as a bell.

On a beautiful note, get a load of this agua neuva cabochon I will be setting tomorrow or tonight: it's heirloom and cost me an arm. It also evokes an intense reaction in person.

Here are some more stones I hope to set: a perfect, achingly perfect and devastatingly blue round of vintage Arizona turquoise, a labradorite teardrop, a noreena jasper oval and a laguna agate that looks like the entrance to heaven.

Finally, this is what I see when I look up from my work:

No matter whether it's a repair and re-do job or a new spectacular trinket, I get to be here and watch the sun rise and set over pictures and pachyderm. Has there ever been such luck before?

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daily coyote said...

WOW that stone is incredible!