Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Understand Now

Metalsmithing appeals to the child inside of me who stared at the night sky with an unbearably big love in her heart.
I had no idea what to do with the overwhelming sight of constellations and shooting stars but to allow the warmth in my chest to grow and grow.
When I first started silversmithing I wanted to put tons of silver balls on everything and then I wanted to put stars on everything. Lately I have discovered the joy of 14k gold: making orbs by melting the metal and then hammering the resulting piece flat as a coin. I cannot stop using them in everything!
So I won't.
Tomorrow I am listing a ring that is the culmination of all my night sky love. There are orbs and a shooting star and a boulder opal with a flash of the red fire people pay a lot of money to see.
More than anything else there is love in this ring and a strong sense of a very important arrival:
I now know I can make what I choose.
I can have an idea in mind and make it real. Past the fears, past the limitations of flux ( a real problem for the first six months of making things ) and into a bold new open space. I crave the melting and I can now anticipate when technical things will happen and loosen my breath as I work.
Tomorrow I will share an immensely joyful creation.
Have an amazing night, all.