Sunday, January 4, 2009

Re-regarding the Agua Nueva Pendant

I know it's easy when faced with a daunting re-task to get mired down in the mud of it all, but if today proved anything to me it was that everything has a reason for being: every challenge provides a doorway for those brave enough to simply take one breath at a time and actively cross the threshold into something better.

It usually involves tears: if I cry good and hard over something it tends to be the veil I couldn't see beyond before.

I had a good cry and re-did the necklace.  The result? Even more arresting than the original and with a longer chain and the pendant hangs from above, not through the back with tubing: there was something very interesting about having it that way, but it went against the nature of my style as an artist.

This new incarnation feels like home and yet it looks like Mars.

It will be listed tomorrow along with the gemmiest turquoise ring I ever did see: blue never had it so good.

It is truly ALL good, as evidenced by this red-eyed picture of me about to go to sleep. Thanks for riding my creative roller-coaster with me this lovely Sunday.
Please make sure you have not left any belongings in the coaster car as you exit and have a good night!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, well done Allison! Such a beautiful stone, and such a perfect setting. And kudos for getting yourself through the frustration and re-doing the piece to your satisfaction. It's stunning. The new turquoise ring, too!