Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Boy

The bag fever has come upon me again: I am in the process of making a big bee and flower bag. 
For example:

The one I am making has a gorgeous maroon leather bottom and I think the color scheme on the flowers will be different as a result. I am so terribly excited to have another one under way!
I had to share these pictures of Jones being super silly: he and Jane have been keeping us amused non-stop lately -

Have an amazing Saturday, dear friends!


Amanda said...

That bag is breathtaking. Totally gorgeous.

jordan said...

you're wonderfully cute ms. sunny. and i love your kitties. and i'm thinking my next musical purchase will be matt coleman's cd. he's amazing just like you! happy saturday

Sunny Rising Leather said...


EXCELLENT choice!!! In fact, if he's still out online I have one I can happily send you :)

jordan said...

AH! yeah, he is still out online. if you've got an extra one kickin around, i can pay you through pay pal somehow if you want. let me know what works! yay!!

The Noisy Plume: said...

HOly cats.
CAN't wait to see that bag...and man oh I miss my kitty boy Clementine...