Monday, January 5, 2009

I am big in Scotland

One particular house in Scotland, that is!! I cried when I saw these pictures because, well, I cry at things that make me happy and I have been in such a weird place these last few weeks that evidence of human kindness makes me fill up like a well.

There is love everywhere:
In my house
In my heart
Down my street
Halfway across the world in the brisk north
Love multiplies silent
As fifty million snowflakes
Falling on ten million laughing tongues
Speaking six thousand five hundred languages as
Billions of brains try to find the right word for something 
Too big to express with a mouth
Too elusive to capture in flesh
Too cosmic to ever land
And stay landed
In my house
In my heart
So I breathe it into the ether
Hoping it breezes your way

Roisin, Sue, Charles and Joseph ( and Katie whom I feel somehow I got to know ) - thank you for always finding a way to work miracles into my day: you are stars in my sky.