Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jones and the Hair Band Among Other Things

Observe: the purple hairband. Jones has been obsessed with these things for the past year and a half. I think all ten of the ones he has played with this year are under pieces of furniture. He will try to take them out of our guest's hair if one is wearing a ponytail.
He stares at them
Pounces on them from across the room
Janey steals it from him
He Lurks
Gets it Back
Drops it in his food dish for safe keeping, mindful never to nibble on it
The process repeats
Until it is batted into a closet
Or under a dish hutch
I buy them in packs of ten or twenty knowing that for every two I use in my hair Jones will need one, too.

This particular hairband is brand new. He is looking at it with these slightly narrowed eyes. He is completely obsessed and will think of nothing else today: trust me.

This is Jones observing the 'toy'. Alert. Intense.

Fetching it from my open hand. As I write this he and Jane are tearing around the house, losing and finding this glorious thing. In one week it will be a tattered shadow of its former self, forgotten and seldom played with.

This week I am working on custom orders and the big purse of bees and flowers. I experienced a very acute feeling of burnout with leather in particular after the new year, which is why you've been seeing so much silver. The pendulum swings.

Now after a few weeks of metallic love I find myself yearning to imprint designs on leather. I like the swinging from one aim to another - it means I will never be bored.

Be well, all - this is a happy and historic day filled with joy for so very many people :)

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