Sunday, January 25, 2009

Born of An Earthquake

Friday night there was an earthquake - a 3.4 with an epicenter 5 miles from our home. It was jarring and over soon. 
I dropped to my knees and tried to catch my breath - I had been soldering when it began and the panic that overtook me was so strong I was lucky to have had the instinct to turn off my Little torch.
I realized in that moment that I had better give myself a little break before I began anything again, so I spent the night doing other things, going to dinner, etc.
Yesterday I realized I had to make something so beloved that it would pull me out of my fear, so I used two of my favorite stones and made these.

They have calmed with their stories of ten million years of earth.


Dave Zeman said...

now that's scarey... you tell Anthony, move us to the Twin Cities... ;-)


Katherine said...

I TOTALLY missed the earthquake!! I would have been panicking, too.

I think Thurs. works for me- I'll email you.

These are beautiful!